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Functional fitness for every age


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About our functional fitness classes

Prepare your kids for a full life by encouraging them to strengthen their bodies using functional fitness.

Functional fitness is a fun, intensive fitness circuit that trains your muscles to work together and improve stability and balance, to ensure your body can do the activities it was meant to.

Functional fitness focuses on replicating everyday movements, such as sitting down in a chair (squats), lifting school bags (bicep curls), or playing in the backyard (cardio). Our classes offer a variety of exercises to ensure your kids are living the best life they can!

Functional fitness for kids

At Hubfit Active, we offer functional fitness in different class levels to suit children of different strength and ages. The classes vary in activities, but in an average functional fitness class you might expect to do exercises such as running, squatting, jumping, lunging and step ups.

What to bring:

  • Towel
  • Waterbottle
  • MyZone heart rate monitor (8yrs+)

Benefits of functional fitness for children and teenagers:

  • Exercises suited to child’s learning and growth stage
  • Improves stability and balance 
  • Makes everyday activities easier and reduces the risk of injury
  • Exercise is proven to improve mental health and wellness
  • Motivation comes through seeing regular improvement in exercise from training
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