50+ Fitness

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Strengthen your mind + body

You may be asking, isn’t this a gym for kids? Well yes, but it’s also for the young at heart! After all, why should kids get to have all the fun!

Hubfit Plus offers a safe, interactive fitness environment for adults 50+ to improve their balance, movement and fitness.  Hubfit turns into a fitness sanctuary for adults aged 50+ to come workout and socialise. Enjoy access to 4 fitness studios and a variety of classes to help improve your balance + movement. Our instructors can easily tailor the classes and activities to your body’s needs to create a workout that’s right for you.

Our 50+ Fitness Classes


Strengthen your mobility with a functional workout. 

Our 50+ functional fitness classes are a great way to strengthen the muscles that you use for everyday activities. This form of exercise is very safe, with each exercise easily able to be adapted to your fitness and health needs. 50+ functional fitness focuses on training the muscles you use regularly by completing exercises that replicate common activities. In one of our functional classes you would expect to do exercises such as squats, planks, step ups, and lunges. 


Interactive training for mobility balance & coordination.

Our 50+ PRAMA classes are a great chance to prove that it’s never too late to challenge yourself! These group classes offer the opportunity to build friendships and enjoy a social exercise session. Each training session is designed to improve cognitive function and movement commonly affected by the ageing process, while still allowing the flexibility to adapt the program as needed to allow for any health capabilities.


High intensity workout consisting of body-weight exercises.

Our adult Metafit classes keep things simple and technique-focused with a coach-led workout designed to get your body moving and your blood pumping. These 50+ classes are a great option for anyone looking for a high intensity workout needed to burn fat and and work those big muscle groups to increase strength! Our Metafit classes suit all fitness levels, as they focus on a self-paced HIIT workout where you simply work as hard as feels right for you. 


Circuit training with light-weighted activities.

If you’re looking for a group class where every day involves something different, our 50+ circuit classes are for you! Our classes are generally set up as a circuit, with different stations focusing on various activities to ensure a complete body workout at a level right for you. Circuit training provides the opportunity to push yourself in a safe and supportive environment. With circuit training you’ll be looking forward to every class thanks to the challenge and sense of community each new workout brings!


Improve your strength, flexibility & breathing.

Yoga practice is known to support better sleep habits, improve flexibility and decrease chronic pain. Our 50+ yoga class is a great option for adults who are looking to listen to their changing body and focus the mind. Our yoga classes consist of a variety of ‘gentle’ yoga exercises that focus on using your own body-weight to strengthen your muscles and joints, and promote better bone health.

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