Code of Conduct

I understand that training at Hubfit Active is an opportunity for me to participate in group classes to improve my fitness, practice skills, and gain attitudes and values. I realise that this requires me to take on genuine responsibility for my own fitness, learning and safety and that of others.

I agree to do the following to make this happen:

  • Show courtesy and consideration to others.
  • Follow the rules and instructions of staff and other supervisors.
  • Take part in all activities within the classes.
  • Look after myself and my personal belongings.
  • Declare medical conditions that could affect participation in the event.
  • Accept the rules set by HubFit Active, even if they are different from what is accepted at home.

I understand that my parents / caregivers will be contacted and I may be excluded and or removed from a booked class, in one of our 4 studio’s if:

  • My actions are considered unacceptable by staff;
  • I breach any HubFit Active policies
  • My actions put me or others in any danger.



Exclusion Policy

If your child displays any of the following symptoms you will be unable to scan your child
Into a booked class, to prevent any cross infection amongst other children in the class.

  • Conjunctivitis – A doctors certificate will be required for clearance
  • School Sores – Until all lesions are clear
  • Rash – A doctors certificate will be required for clearance
  • Throat / Ear/ Chest Infections – diagnosed until taking prescribed antibiotics for 48hrs
  • Measles – For at least 4-5 days from the time the rash appeared. A Doctors Certificate will be required for clearance.
  • Chicken Pox – For at least 5-6 days from the onset of illness or until cleared. A Doctors Certificate will be required for clearance
  • Ring Worms – No entry until treated and cleared
  • Head Lice – To be treated and lice free
  • Diarrhoea – All cases a 48 hour clearance period
  • Vomiting – All cases a 48 hour clearance period

Please contact reception if any of the above symptoms become apparent, less than the cancellation period notice required. Reception Staff will be more than happy to help cancel a class for you and waive the cancellation fee, should your child display any of these symptoms.

Parental Consent And Risk Disclosure

I Agree to my child/children taking part in the classes I have booked them in for, I have read the Terms & Conditions of my child’s membership. I agree to their participation for the activities taught in the Studio or Platinum Plan purchased. I acknowledge the need for them to behave responsibly.

Acknowledgment of risk

I have read the information sheets for this activity and I understand that there are risks associated with involvement in Hubfit Active programmes and that these risks cannot be completely eliminated. I understand that Hubfit Active will identify any foreseeable risks or hazards and implement correct management procedures to eliminate or minimise those hazards. I understand that my child will be advised of the safety procedures. I will do my best to ensure that my child follows these procedures.

I know that I am able to ask any questions of Hubfit Active about the activities my child will be involved in, to gain a better understanding of the risks involved. I recognise that participation in such activities is voluntary and not mandatory. My child understands that they may withdraw from the activity if they feel at risk. This must be done in consultation with the person in charge.

I understand that Hubfit Active does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property and that it is my responsibility to check my own insurance policy.

I understand that if my child is involved in a serious disciplinary problem, including the use of illegal substances and/or alcohol, or actions that threaten the safety of others, s/he will be excluded from the booked class, at my expense